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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is hormone replacement therapy? Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is the process of replenishing a patient’s depleted pool of hormones in their body. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy is a hormone therapy that utilizes hormones found in nature (pigs, soy, yams, horses) to resolve patients’ hormone imbalances that can occur over time or as a result of injuries or illnesses. Bioidentical hormone therapy can be given orally, injected, via a topical cream or inserted beneath the skin in the form of a pellet. Patients with a severe hormone imbalance or deficiency will experience a number of life changing benefits of HRT.

The Benefits of Hormone Therapy in Washington

A patient who needs BHRT will experience a number of side effects from the hormone deficiency. Hormones play a vital role in triggering all of the body’s major processes. Without these proper triggers, patients will feel like a lesser version of themselves with side effects varying from memory loss to weight gain. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and synthetic hormone replacement therapy offer relief from these symptoms by replenishing the hormones that are necessary to keep the patient youthful and healthy.

Benefits of HRT for Women

One of the earliest applications of hormone replacement therapies was menopause remediation. Menopause is the body’s reaction to the end of a woman’s fertility. This is a natural part of aging that unfortunately brings with it a large drop in hormone production. This major shift can lead to major side effects for women experiencing menopause. However, with the introduction of hormones through HRT, this major drop in hormone production can be accepted more gracefully and with majorly reduced or eliminated side effects.


Benefits for exclusive to women include:

  • Relief from symptoms of PMS
  • Less likely to get yeast infections
  • Reduced symptoms of hot flashes
  • Reduction of breast swelling
  • Relief from vaginal dryness
  • More enjoyable intercourse
  • Less cramps
  • Reduced odds of experiencing early infertility

Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Men

Men can enjoy a number of unique benefits from HRT as well. As men, one of the most common applications of hormone therapy is the revitalization of strength and vitality. The male sex hormone, testosterone, plays a large role in what makes men – men. When men are deficient in testosterone they can experience a loss of energy, fat gain, body hair loss and reduced sex drive and performance. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy men are able to experience these unique benefits:

  • Increase in body hair
  • Changes in cholesterol level
  • Erectile dysfunction relief

Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance

Unfortunately many people suffering from hormonal issues, often chalk up their symptoms to natural aging or stress. While aging and stress may certainly affect your body’s abilities to produce a sufficient amount of hormones, there are many factors that lead to hormone imbalances. The best way to treat these imbalances before you experience these symptoms is to pay close attention to your body and get a hormones level test periodically or when you notice any peculiar changes to your body or mood. If you do notice any of these symptoms, getting treatment from a local Washington hormones specialist will ensure that you aren’t living your life with a body or mind that is not 100%:

  • Loss of energy (lethargy)
  • More frequent or severe mood swings
  • Restlessness
  • Memory issues
  • Low libido
  • Depressed mood
  • Extra weight gain
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Loss of hair
  • Reduced bone or muscle mass

Are There any Side Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

For many years now, hormone replacement therapy has been seen as unsafe by older generations that have heard of or experienced earlier, more primitive forms of HRT. When hormone therapy was first generated in the late 1920s, it did not have the testing and trials to maintain a level of safety and avoid certain side effects. As HRT has developed over the decades, qualified doctors have eliminated the side effects in modern hormone therapies. Patients experiencing side effects from HRT have not been properly tested and therefore may be given an improper dose or the wrong form of hormone treatment.

Forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Washington

Hormone therapy clinics in Washington offer a number of effective treatments for hormone imbalances. These treatments can vary from HRT pellets to hormone injections depending on the needs of the patient and the severity of their deficiency.

  • Testosterone Therapy – Patients with low-T will experience a low sex drive, fat gain, decreased muscle production, less energy, mood swings as well as other health complications. Testosterone therapy provides relief from these symptoms and gives patients a renewed sense of self and energy.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy – Bioidentical hormone therapy utilizes natural hormones that are an exact molecular match to the body’s endogenous hormones. Applying these more natural hormones to a hormone deficient patient will more safely and effectively remediate the symptoms of imbalanced hormones.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Pellets – Bioidentical hormone pellets are pellets filled with the necessary hormone(s) to treat a patient’s imbalance. By inserting pellets just beneath the patient’s skin, the pellets are able to release hormones at a slower, more natural rate to keep patients from experiencing a major shift in hormones.
  • Sermorelin – Sermorelin is a trusted form of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides that works to trigger the body’s natural production of growth hormones. By triggering the body’s natural growth hormone releasing process, GHRPs are traditionally more gentle than HGH injections.
  • Ipamorelin – The newest and safest form of GHRPs, Ipamorelin also works to trigger the body’s growth hormone production process to address an serious growth hormone deficiencies.
  • Thyroid Therapy – The thyroid gland is a mecca for hormone production. These hormones help regulate the body’s temperature, growth, organ function, metabolism, muscle strength, appetite and reproductive system. With so many important functions, those suffering from a lack of thyroid hormone production, hypothyroidism, will experience great relief from thyroid therapy.
  • HGH Therapy – The human growth hormone helps assist in tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, metabolism and energy. Those suffering from an HGH deficiency will want a quick and effective form of relief through either an HGH hormone therapy treatment or a GHRP injection.

Your Washington Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation

Treating hormone deficiencies starts with a comprehensive consultation. During this consultation you will discuss your symptoms and medical history with a local Washington hormones specialist. To check your hormone levels a test for hormone imbalances will need to be done in order to give the specialist a plan to remediate your symptoms of hormone deficiency.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Reviews in Washington

“Mid-life crisis avoided! When I started to slow down at 41, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I started spending money on things I didn’t need and doing younger things that I should not have been doing. I went to my local Washington hormone clinic for treatment and I immediately felt at ease. I feel like myself again thanks to my testosterone therapy.” — Ben H., 43

“Bioidentical hormone pellets made my menopause symptoms manageable. I watched my mother and my older sisters suffer through years of severe menopause symptoms. It affected they way they worked, the way they parented their children and their friendships. I knew there was a good chance that my symptoms would be similar, so when I started to experience the changes, I went to my local Washington hormone doctor to manage my menopause symptoms and it really worked. My mood swings were practically non-existent, hot flashes were barely noticeable and sex with my husband was never uncomfortable.” — Mandy G., 50

“I’ve been coaching baseball my whole adult life. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy gave me the ability to keep up with my players and give them the practice experience they need to be ready for game time. Don’t be benched by old age when there are safe and trustworthy treatments available to keep you feeling your best at any age.” — Jack P., 67

Find a Hormone Replacement Doctor in Washington State

In Washington, there is a hormone replacement therapy clinic conveniently located to any state or neighboring state’s resident. Look for clinics with an anti-aging physician that knows how to address hormone deficiencies for patients of all ages. This is why it is important to not just choose the quickest or cheapest solution, but rather the most effective solution. Our Washington hormone replacement clinics are led by the globally recognized leader in hormone treatments, Dr. Richard Gaines, and provide the highest level of care available in the country. Schedule your consultation with our clinic today to experience the difference of balanced and healthy body and mind.

Washington HRT FAQs

What is the cost of hormone therapy in Washington?

Costs of hormone therapy can vary depending on the needs of the patient. Patients should expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $1,500 per month while treatments are necessary.

What is the difference between synthetic HRT and bioidentical HRT?

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are taken from a natural source (plants and animals). These hormones are an exact molecular match to the existing hormones found in the patient’s body. Synthetic hormones are lab generated in a controlled manner that is regulated by the FDA in terms of dose and type of hormone. Both treatments are equally effective in most cases, however, some patients may benefit more from a customized bioidentical hormone that can be specifically designed for their needs.

How long until I see results from hormone therapy?

Patients should expect to see results from their hormone replacement therapy in as soon as 2 weeks from their initial treatment.

Treating Hormone Imbalances in Washington

Take back your youth, energy, mind and overall health and wellness by contacting our Washington Hormone Clinics today at (800) 682-8176.

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