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What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) are not treatments of the body’s existing hormones, but rather the process of testing for hormone deficiencies and introducing the sufficient amount of exterior hormones to create balance in the body.

Hormones play a critical role in our bodies as messengers for most of our major functions. From heart health to breaking down fat, our bodies hormones are the reason we are who we are as individuals. By replenishing the hormones that our body is not producing enough of, HRT helps to keep patient’s feeling young and healthy.

Signs of Imbalanced Hormones

When our bodies fail to produce the sufficient amount of one or more hormones, the side effects are serious. One of the most serious hormone imbalance symptoms, is that we simply won’t feel ourselves anymore. When we aren’t as strong, as happy or as mentally sharp as we usually are, it can get easy to become frustrated or depressed. The cause of hormone imbalances is often just natural aging and thus it can feel as though these changes are happening out of nowhere. Keep a close eye on your body’s functions and mental abilities to make sure that you aren’t experiencing these symptoms of a hormone imbalance:

  • Regular mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Limited energy
  • Weight gain
  • Sleeplessness
  • Hair loss
  • Low sex drive
  • Poor concentration
  • Memory issues

Benefits of HRT & BHRT

By replenishing the body’s depleted hormones, the external hormones that are introduced through HRT will take on the role of these vital molecules. Anything from helping regulate the body’s temperature to assisting in brain function, there are many important benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

Not only will patients’ bodies be functioning better but they will start to notice the symptoms of their hormone deficiency slowly starting to go away as the newly introduced hormones work to balance out the body. Your more natural state of health, vitality and physical and mental wellness is the true benefit of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

HRT and Women

One of the first applications of HRT was for women going through menopause. This very drastic change for women entering or in their middle ages can be jarring. With the major drop in hormone production, you are essentially becoming a different person. HRT can help with these symptoms of hormone imbalance for women:

  • PMS symptoms
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Uncomfortable and even painful sex
  • Premature infertility
  • More frequent yeast infections
  • Swelling in the breasts
  • Hot flashes

HRT and Men

Hormone therapy for men, often is a result of a loss of strength and/or energy. The dominant sex hormone for men, testosterone, often creates a higher level of energy and strength in men. It can get easy to rely on this level of energy to get through your days, which is why male hormone replacement therapy is commonly testosterone therapy in middle aged men.

  • Men will experience lower levels of cholesterol
  • For those suffering from ED, HRT can help reverse your symptoms
  • Body hair will start to come in thicker and fuller for men receiving HRT treatments

Hormone Therapy Treatments in Portland

At our Portland hormone clinics, we offer the safest forms of HRT in the country. We do this because in the world of hormone replacement therapy, safety and effectiveness go hand in hand. By giving our patients the most modern, highly tested and properly dosed forms of HRT and BHRT, we ensure that the patient’s body will take to the newly introduced hormones without risk of side effects or the body’s antibodies to destroy the foreign hormones.

  • HGH Hormone Therapy Treatments – The human growth hormone is one of the most vital hormone in the human body. It plays a vital role in tissue repair, growth, energy production, metabolism function and brain function. HGH therapy is common among youth and young adults with developmental issues.
  • BHRT – By using hormones that were found in nature (yams, soy, horses, pigs) bioidentical hormone therapy provides a more effective solution than traditional hormone therapies. The bioidentical hormones are an exact molecular match to the hormones that are indigenous to our bodies. This allows them to more easily and safely assume the role of whichever hormone they are replacing in the patient’s body.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Pellets – Simply inserting HRT pellets beneath the skin can create a world of difference in the effectiveness of hormone treatments. Pellets release hormones into the body at a much slower rate than other forms of HRT. This rate very closely resembles the rate at which our body naturally produces hormones, so it makes the therapy that much safer and effective than other treatments.
  • Testosterone Hormone Therapy Treatments – Testosterone plays a key role in keeping us strong and healthy. It helps to create bone and muscle mass and keeps us energized throughout the day. Testosterone treatments are one of the most inexpensive, yet important, forms of HRT.
  • Thyroid Hormone Therapy Treatments – When our thyroids are not properly producing hormones, it is known as a condition called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can cause a number of harmful side effects including weight gain, temperature fluctuations, improper brain, heart and kidney function and irregular appetite. Thyroid treatments work to reverse the symptoms of hypothyroidism and keep patients balanced and healthy.
  • Ipamorelin Injections – The newest and safest form of growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRP), Ipamorelin in the future of treating HGH deficiencies. Growth hormone releasing peptides work by sending the message in the body to start producing HGH. In this way, HGH deficient patients can replenish their deficiency with their own hormones instead of external hormones that may take longer to affect the body.
  • Sermorelin Injections – A trusted form of GHRP, Sermorelin has been used for years to promote the natural production of the human growth hormone. By triggering the body’s own HGH production process, it can be more effective than a pure HGH treatment.

The Side Effects of Hormone Therapy and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Modern hormone therapies are extremely safe with little to no risks of side effects when administered by a proper professional. Most cases of side effects from modern hormone therapies are due to a lack of testing that can lead to patients receiving the wrong type of hormone therapy or too large of a dose.

Our Portland hormone clinics always perform thorough testing to give our patients the most effective and safest form of HRT possible. This eliminates the risks of patients not taking well to the excess in hormones in their body which can cause all of the symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

What about HRT and cancer? There is no legitimacy to the claims that hormone therapy increases a patient’s risk of getting cancer. These claims have been proven in multiple clinical trials to be false. This myth likely originated from patients of hormone therapy having their existing cancer worsen after treatment. Our clinics avoid this risk entirely by screening all of our patients for cancer before administering any treatments.

What Does a Hormone Replacement Consultation in Portland Look Like?

When you enter your hormone consultation, your doctor will first want to discuss how you have been feeling, go over your symptoms and your medical history. The hormones specialist may recommend certain lifestyle changes that can help with your symptoms. A test for hormone imbalance will be administered to see which hormones are imbalanced and which dose of therapy will necessary to bring proper balance back to your body. Your hormones doctor will then go over the available treatment options for the hormone therapy that you need and explain the process moving forward. A treatment will either be scheduled or a prescription may even be written that day!

Hormone Replacement Therapy Reviews in Portland

“Before my hormone treatment, I felt like a shell of my old self. I would get home from work exhausted. I had no energy for any of my hobbies and I started turning down get togethers with my friends. After a few weeks of hormone replacement therapy treatments, I completely reclaimed my social life and have even picked up a few more hobbies.” — Ralph G., 51

“As a photographer, I’m constantly traveling. I used to be excited every time a got a long distance job. A couple of months ago, whether it was a long car trip or a flight, traveling just got so stressful. I just didn’t have the same patience for the airport and my roadrage was bad. I knew something was off, so I went to my doctor and she recommended that I get my hormones tested. Sure enough my hormones were imbalanced. After a few treatments, I was back to my old self.” — Sylvia S., 42

“My hormone deficiency started creating severe mood swings that created a real unrest for my entire family. The littlest things would set me off and it effected my relationship with my wife and each of my three children. It had gotten to the point where we couldn’t go out in public together because they were so embarrassed to be around me when I inevitably blew up. Hormone therapy gave me back the balance and stability to be my normal self again.” — Anders H., 57

Find a Hormone Center in Portland

Finding the right hormone clinic in Portland is important for your overall health and wellness. There are multiple options for hormone therapy in Portland, however, our clinics have the edge of being trained by a global expert in hormone therapy, Dr. Richard Gaines. Be sure not to just look for the clinic that is closest to you, but rather the clinic that can offer the safest and most effective treatments for your needs.

Portland BHRT FAQs

What is the difference between bioidentical and synthetic hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidentical hormones are hormones found in nature (pigs, yams, soy, horses) while synthetic hormones are completely lab generated. The advantage of bioidentical hormones is that they more closely resemble the hormones naturally found in our bodies and thus patients are more likely to accept bioidentical hormones without side effects. Both forms are extremely safe, but bioidentical hormones have a slight edge over synthetic hormones for this reason.

What should I expect to pay for hormone therapy in Portland?

Portland hormone clinics are very competitive with national averages for cost. Patients should expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $1,500 per treatment depending upon the severity of the hormone deficiency and type of hormones needed.

Can HRT help with weight loss?

Yes! Our hormones play a vital role in our bodies’ abilities to breakdown fat. By balancing out our hormones, our bodies are able to handle a proper diet and exercise regimen.

How do I know if I have a hormone imbalance?

The best way to know for sure whether or not you have an imbalance is to receive a hormones levels test from your local hormone center. To know if you should get tested, keep a close eye on your body and watch for any significant changes in your mood, energy levels, strength or mental abilities.

When will I start to feel the results of my HRT?

Hormone therapy is a major treatment. It may take a few weeks in order for the new hormones to start triggering the right processes in your body.

Portland Hormone Clinics Offer Safe and Efficient Treatments for the Most Severe Hormone Imbalances

If you notice signs of a hormone imbalance, don’t wait until it starts affecting your everyday life. Contact our Portland Hormone Clinics today at (800) 682-8176 to see what hormone therapy can do for you!

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