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What is Hormone Therapy?

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Hormone therapy is the method used by doctors and hormone specialists to replace, or replenish, depleted hormones. Patients are evaluated at an initial consultation to uncover what may be causing the symptoms of hormone deficiency (weakness, lethargy, weight gain, mood swings). A hormone levels test will be implemented to give the doctor a complete understanding of what hormones your body is not producing enough of to function properly. The therapy then begins with the introduction of hormones into the body either orally, topically or via insertion underneath the skin.

The newly introduced hormones will then take the place of the body’s depleted hormones in order to keep the patient feeling young and vital. These hormones can either be synthetic (lab generated) or bioidentical (found in nature – yams, soy, pigs, horses). Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, as opposed to synthetic hormone replacement therapy, is the use of natural hormones that are an exact molecular match to the hormones our bodies produce naturally. Bioidentical hormones are usually provided in specific applications and in specialized doses, whereas synthetic hormones are entirely regulated by the FDA, and are in standard doses. While this leads patients to feeling safer pursuing the FDA regulated form of HRT, BHRT is extremely safe and is only not regulated by the FDA in instances where the treatment is too unique to the individual patient to be applied to a wider audience and therefore cannot be studied regularly.

Who Could Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Patients of all shapes and sizes, ages and sexes have experienced the revitalizing benefits of HRT. This is because the important role that hormones play in the way that our bodies function naturally. Over time or through a traumatic event, our bodies can begin to produce and insufficient amount of a particular hormone. As hormones control major bodily functions such as muscle, tissue and bone growth, memory retention, brain, kidney and heart function as well as a number of other vital processes, a deficiency in hormones will lead to serious side-effects.

Signs and Symptoms of a Hormone Deficiency

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As our bodies age, we accept that it will slow down and that we won’t feel as strong and energetic as we once were. However, hormone specialists in NYC have identified hormones as a key contributor in aging, or a lack of hormones to be clear. Those suffering from a hormone deficiency will experience early signs of aging, as well as a plethora of other health and wellness risks. If you notice yourself starting to change physically, mentally or emotionally, it could be a clear indication that your hormones are off balance. Watch for these signs of a hormone deficiency:

  • Irregular mood swings
  • Gaining weight (fat)
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Impaired memory
  • Lower muscle and bone mass
  • Depression
  • Increased or new anxiety
  • Low libido
  • Lethargy
  • Low energy

HRT for Men

Male hormone replacement therapy widely focuses on two main hormones – HGH and Testosterone. Both contribute to our strength and muscle mass. Testosterone is a male’s main sex hormone and plays a vital role in not only a man’s vitality but his virility as well. Simply put, a man may not feel like a man without a sufficient flow of hormones that provide these benefits:

  • Alleviate erectile dysfunction
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Increases sex drive and performance
  • Improves body hair growth
  • Higher blood and sperm cells

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Women

Women most commonly choose hormone replacement therapy because of menopausal symptoms. Hormone therapy for women can regulate their bodies and eliminate any of the standard symptoms of hormone deficiency. However, menopause is an extreme situation in which HRT can provide a huge relief during this drastic transition in life. A woman’s body is essentially experiencing the end of fertility during menopause and this unfortunately means the body will begin to produce much less estrogen and other hormones that keep women feeling jovial and strong. Women can experience these benefits of HRT after just a few treatments:

  • Less frequent yeast infections
  • Reduction to any swelling in the breasts
  • Decreased risk of infertility
  • Improved hot flashes
  • Less prevalent symptoms of PMS
  • More comfortable intercourse
  • Relief from vaginal dryness

Types of Hormone Replacement Therapies Available in NYC

We have many hormones in our bodies and each treatment for hormone deficiencies is unique to that specific hormone. At our New York City Hormone Clinics, we offer the most modern, trusted and cutting edge hormone replacement therapy in order to give our patients the safest and most effective treatments.

  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy – By utilizing hormones from natural sources (horses, yams, soy, pigs) specialists are able to use hormones that more closely assimilate with the body’s endogenous hormones. This is what makes BHRT safer and more effective than traditional synthetic hormone therapy.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Pellets – This is a form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that utilizes a small pellet filled with bioidentical hormones just underneath the skin as a method of implementation of necessary hormones. This method allows the hormones to be released at a much more natural rate in which the body is more accustomed to receiving new hormones, making it less jarring to the system.
  • Thyroid Therapy – One of the biggest glands in the endocrine system, the thyroid is responsible for the body’s production of hormones that control temperature regulation, metabolism, growth, the brain, heart and kidneys as well as many other bodily functions. When the thyroid is not generating hormones effectively, it’s known as the condition hypothyroidism. Resupplying this system with the an even level of hormones can remediate the effects of hypothyroidism and have patients feeling themselves again.
  • Ipamorelin – The latest in Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides, Ipamorelin is the safest way to remediate an HGH deficiency. A Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide acts as a natural trigger that alerts the body to begin producing and releasing new Human Growth Hormones.
  • HGH Therapy – An HGH deficiency can lead to a number of health and wellness complications. HGH therapy either via a GHRP, topical application or injection, can keep your brain and tissues growing and functioning like normal when age or traumas impede your body’s natural HGH production.
  • Sermorelin – One of the oldest and most trusted GHRPs, Sermorelin can be used to address your HGH deficiency. By triggering your natural HGH production process, Sermorelin is able to effectively avoid side effects while providing patients with sufficient HGH levels.

Testimonials for New York City Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics – Reviews

“My bike means everything to me. It’s how I get around in the city, how I blow off steam, get my exercise. When I didn’t have enough energy to complete my back and forth commute from work to my house, I knew I had to do something. Hormone therapy gave me back the energy and stamina I needed to put my life back to normal. There’s no doubt that hormone replacement therapy could help anyone that feels like they’ve lost their edge.”
–Andrew, 49

“You know how it can be in the city. If you’re having an off day, it can eat you up or put you on edge. Hormone therapy gave me back my sanity and my ability to handle the stress of the city.”
–Charity, 51

“It’s not fun to say, but it happens to guys my age, I had erectile dysfunction. It had gotten so bad and so irregular that my wife and I had virtually no sex life. Before the situation got out of hand, I had went to my local hormone clinic and it was like ‘bam!’ We were on our honeymoon all over again.”
–Jarrell, 53

Hormone Therapy Consultation in NYC

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To experience similar results from hormone replacement therapy, the first step is to schedule an initial consultation to go over your symptoms, medical history and receive a full test of your hormone levels to see which, if any, treatment options would be best for you. The biggest step is clearly identifying any hormone imbalances with a hormone level test. This ensures that patients aren’t receiving the wrong treatment or unnecessary treatments.

Are There Any Side Effects to Hormone Therapy?

Testosterone Therapy and HGH TherapyIf clinics are not careful and do not take the right steps during the initial consultation and testing phase, patients may experience side effects. Introducing an excessive or unnecessary amount of hormones into the body will create miscommunication among hormones and will create all of the symptoms previously listed on hormone imbalances. In the past, treatments have not been perfect. Patients received improper doses and these forms of HRT were not as advanced and effective. This has created some bad press surrounding hormone therapy. However, over the past decade, hormone therapy has evolved to the point where side effects are minimal if existent at all. This treatment has come a long way and is still evolving to become safer and more effective.

What about cancer? Many people believe that HRT causes cancer, but this has been proven in many studies not to be true. This is more than likely derived from the effects that HRT can have on patients that already have cancer prior to receiving HRT. HRT can exacerbate and worsen existing cancer cells, however, hormone clinics will screen each patient to make sure that they do not receive hormone therapy. Our New York City Hormone Therapy Clinics have proudly served patients for many years without any instances of side effects.

NYC Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQs

What is the difference between BHRT and Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy utilizes hormones found in both plants and animals to treat hormone deficiencies. Synthetic hormones are generated in a lab and are entirely regulated by the FDA. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is not regulated by the FDA in certain instances where the makeup and dose of a treatment is customized to best meet the needs of the patient.

Are Bioidentical Hormones Safe?

Yes. Bioidentical hormones match the hormones found in your body naturally on a chemical level. This way the body is able to recognize these new hormones and treat them as though they were produced naturally by the body itself. This eliminates the risk of any side effects.

Am I Hormone Deficient?

It is always important to keep a close eye on your overall health and wellness. If you start to notice yourself acting strangely or slowing down physically, mentally or sexually, it could be a sign of a hormone deficiency. The best way to know for sure whether or not your concerns are hormone related is to go to your local NYC hormone specialist and have your hormone levels tested.

Find a NYC Hormones Specialist That’s Right for You

There are plenty of options for hormone replacement clinics in NYC, however, finding the right one that will take the right steps towards addressing your needs is imperative. We have the hormone replacement therapy clinic and the hormone doctor with the knowledge and care to remediate your hormone imbalance in a friendly, timely and effective manner.

New York City Hormone Therapy Clinics

Finding the New York City Hormone Therapy Clinics that can give you the services you need to feel younger and healthier is just a phone call away. You can contact our clinics at (800) 682-8176 to setup your friendly and informative consultation with one of our trusted NYC hormone specialists today.

New York City Hormone Clinic Locations

  • 139 Centre St Ste 807 New York, NY 10013
  • 65 Broadway Suite 905 New York, NY 10006
  • 44 E 12th St Cellar Unit New York, NY 10003
  • 100 Livingston St 4th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • 324 West 14th St New York, NY 10014
  • 104A E 36th St New York, NY 10016
  • 345 E 37th St Rm 201 New York, NY 10016
  • 881 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • 600 Pavonia Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306
  • 456 5th Ave 2nd Fl Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • 522 Central Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307
  • 115 E 57th St Ste 620 New York, NY 10022
  • 3196 Kennedy Blvd 2nd Fl Union City, NJ 07087
  • 172 East 75th St New York, NY 10021
  • 47-01 Queens Blvd 206-207 Sunnyside, NY 11104
  • 4420 13th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11219
  • 849 57th St Ste 2A Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • 177 E 87th St Ste 408 New York, NY 10128
  • 209 Lefante Way Bayonne, NJ 07002
  • 25-15 Steinway St Astoria, NY 11103

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