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What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What is hormone therapy? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the method of replenishing the body’s hormones for those suffering from a major imbalance or deficit of vital hormones. Hormones are the catalyst of all of our bodies’ major functions. From digestion to brain function, hormones are what triggers the initiation of these processes. When patients do not have the right number of hormones in certain areas of their bodies, they will experience a plethora of unpleasant side effects. Hormone therapy works to identify these deficiencies through testing and examining the body and sufficiently replacing the hormones that the body needs to achieve complete health and wellness.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a form of HRT that uses natural hormones (those found in nature – pigs, horses, yams, soy) rather than completely synthetic lab generated hormones. These hormones are an exact structural match to the hormones that our bodies natural produce. Though traditional HRT has come a long way since its inception in the late 1920s, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, due to the molecular match between the indigenous hormones and the newly introduce bioidentical hormones, is a slightly safer option that yields less risk of side effects.

Hormone therapy has many applications and uses but is most commonly known for testosterone therapy for men and menopause relief for women. Whether you receive a cream, pill, tablet or injection, the introduction of more hormones will have significant benefits to your body if you have an imbalance or deficiency.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Who needs bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? Those suffering from an imbalance in their hormone levels as a result of lifestyle habits, trauma or just age, will be functioning as a lesser version of themselves. It may come in the form of mood swings, weight gain or sluggishness. If you start to notice subtle or major changes in your body, consult with a local Idaho hormones specialists to see if you are suffering from the symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

Symptoms and Signs of Hormone Deficiencies

As hormones play a vital role in every part of our bodies, unbalanced hormone symptoms can be very debilitating and come in many forms. No matter the causes of hormone imbalance, the imbalance can actually impact patients lifestyles by affecting their ability to get through their daily routines and do the activities that they love. Often times sufferers of a hormone imbalance just accept the symptoms as “part of life” or “natural aging”. This is, however, not always the case. Many patients are experiencing these symptoms as a result of a fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, while others suffer from early signs of aging. All of these symptoms can be treated through hormone therapy to give patients the ability to enjoy life, well into their golden years. Watch for these signs of a hormone imbalance to treat symptoms and improve your quality of life:

  • Excessive or irregular mood swings
  • Weight gain (especially fat)
  • Low energy
  • Sluggishness
  • Depression
  • Low sex drive
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of muscle or bone mass
  • Low concentration/focus

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Men of all shapes, ages and lifestyle require a steady flow of testosterone, the male sex hormone, in order to keep their bodies fit and active, maintain their energy levels and sustain a healthy sex life. HGH is also an important hormone that contributes to the body’s ability to maintain muscle mass, repair tissues, break down fats and most importantly it affects brain functionality. Benefits of hormone therapy for men include:

  • Fights the symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Increases the growth of body hair
  • Produces more blood and sperm cells
  • Improves sex drive and sexual performance

HRT for Women

The most common form of hormone therapy for women is for menopause symptom relief. As women reach a certain age, their bodies begin to make natural changes to symbolize the different phases of life. Menopause is the body’s way of establishing the end of a female’s fertility. This unfortunately can bring a number of uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms. What once was a stable source of vital hormones, now does not have the same plentiful pool of hormones, causing women to experience a lot of instability during this time. What hormone therapy does for women experiencing menopause, is help make this transition more gradual and easy. Women using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for menopause will experience these benefits:

  • The reduction of swollen breasts
  • Less severe and frequent hot flashes
  • Less frequent yeast infections
  • Decreased risk of premature infertility
  • More mild symptoms of PMS
  • More enjoyable intercourse
  • Relief from vaginal dryness

Hormone Replacement Therapy Options in Idaho

Hormone therapy treatments can provide relief to so many different kinds of symptoms. Patients that are feeling abnormal in any way should consider looking into the different treatment options for hormone imbalances in Idaho to see which treatment option may be right for their symptoms. Each treatment option is designed to address a specific hormone deficiency to provide the best possible results for hormone imbalance sufferers. The delivery method for hormone therapy can also impact the results of each treatment, whether it’s an injection or HRT pellets, your local Idaho hormones doctor will know which treatment of these treatments will be best for your unique needs after a comprehensive consultation.

  • HGH TherapyWhen old age or injuries impede the production of the body’s HGH, patients can suffer from a number of serious side effects. HGH performs a number of vital roles in our bodies including brain functionality, tissue growth, muscle and bone production and metabolism. Hormone specialists in Idaho are able to address these symptoms with HGH Therapy that can come in the form of a convenient GHRP, cream, tablet or injection.
  • SermorelinSermorelin is what is known as a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) which in layman’s terms refers to a substance that promotes the natural release of growth hormones in the body. By triggering the body’s natural HGH production process, Sermorelin is able to treat patients with low HGH productivity while avoiding side effects.
  • IpamorelinThe latest in cutting edge hormone replacement therapies, Ipamorelin is the newest form of GHRPs available. This is the safest way to address your HGH deficiency.
  • hyroid Hormone TherapyOur thyroid glands are a beacon of hormone production. When we experience a deficit in thyroid productivity (Hypothyroidism) it can impede the body’s ability to regulate temperature, brain function, break down food, grow, as well as heart and kidney function and  a number of other side effects that can have patients feeling imbalanced. Thyroid Hormone Therapy addresses the symptoms of Hypothyroidism and gets patients back to feeling themselves again.
  • Bioidentical Hormone PelletsBioidentical Hormone Pellets are pellets filled with a specific hormone that are inserted just beneath the skin in order to promote a slower, more natural release of external hormones into the body of a patient suffering from a hormone imbalance. By using bioidentical hormones, those found in nature, and releasing them at a rate in which most closely replicates the body’s natural release of hormones, Bioidentical Hormone Pellets are the safest form of hormone therapy out there.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement TherapyBioidentical Hormone Therapy is the process of using hormones that are found in nature (yams, soy, pigs, horses) when performing Hormone Replacement Therapy. These external hormones are an exact molecular match to the hormones that are indigenous to the patient’s body. This form of HRT provides a safer, less jarring form of treatment to hormonal imbalances.

Side Effects of Hormone Therapy

Unfortunately for some patients, side effects are synonymous with their understanding of hormone replacement therapy. The truth is, modern hormone therapy, when issued by a practiced professional, is without side effects. BHRT side effects and any other hormone replacement therapy side effects are as a result of poor examination and testing leading to patients receiving too much or the wrong kind of hormones. Our hormone clinics are run by a global leader in hormone therapy, Dr. Richard Gaines, and thus are run to the highest standards of medical excellence.

Hormone Therapy Consultation in Idaho

Scheduling a consultation to speak with an Idaho hormone doctor is the first step in treating hormone deficiencies. During this meeting, the doctor will be able to test for hormonal imbalances by identifying your hormone levels. The results of your hormone level test will inform the doctor on the which treatment will best address your needs.

Testimonials for Idaho Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics – Reviews

“I was only 45 when I started to notice I wasn’t able to get through my days without pain and exhaustion. I tried to mask it with pills and caffeine, but eventually my body became numb to the effects of both. HRT had me feeling like I never thought I would feel again. I can’t explain it any better than I just feel right again and I owe it to hormone therapy.” –Robert W., 47

“My only complaint is that I didn’t know about Bioidentical Hormone Therapy sooner! My menopause symptoms were completely debilitating. I work in a man-dominated field so I couldn’t let it slow me down or I worried I might lose my job. Thanks to Bioidentical Hormone Pellets, my symptoms are way less severe if they even show up at all!” — Angie B., 55

“I’m a police officer in Boise, so my job requires me to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. When I hit a certain age, my body just wasn’t responding to what my mind wanted it to do. I felt stuck in a body that couldn’t perform in a mind that was ready for action. I found out that I had an HGH deficiency and a few weeks after my Sermorelin injections, I felt 20 years younger practically overnight.” — Paul V., 59

Find a Hormone Replacement Clinic in Idaho

A hormone replacement therapy clinic with a trusted anti-aging physician is closer than you think. You’ve already done your online research so you are one step ahead. The next step is to make sure that your health and wellness is in the right hands by going with a trusted specialist. Don’t put your life on hold and longer. If you notice any of the symptoms of a hormone deficiency, reach out to schedule a consultation with our hormones doctor specialist today.

Idaho Hormone Therapy FAQs

How safe are bioidentical hormones?

Hormone therapy has evolved over decades of clinical testing and evaluations to the point where side effects are non-existent. Patients can enjoy the benefits of a balanced body without pain or fear of mood changing side effects.

What is the price of hormone therapy in Idaho?

The cost of HRT can vary depending on the results of your hormone levels test. Simple resolutions can cost as low as $150 while more complex treatments can reach $1,500 for patients with severe hormone imbalances.

Can hormone therapy be used for weight loss?

As multiple hormones control our body’s metabolism, a deficiency in any of these hormones can lead to weight gain. Effective hormone replacement therapy will improve your body’s metabolism and lead to an improved ability to lose weight.

Idaho Hormone Therapy Clinics

Contact our friendly staff at Idaho Hormone Clinics at (800) 682-8176 to start the process of revitalizing your mind and body through hormone replacement therapy.

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