HGH Growth Hormone Therapy

What is HGH Therapy or HGH Growth Hormone Therapy?

hgh-therapy-growth-hormone-clinicsYou may have heard a lot lately about HGH therapy or growth hormone therapy. You may be wondering exactly…

  • what is growth hormone and hgh therapy?
  • Is hgh growth hormone therapy safe?
  • Is hgh therapy right for me?

At HGH Growth Hormone Therapy Clinics, we are here to answer those questions and many more.

HGH Growth Hormone Therapy is very unique. Rarely has there been a medical procedure that has created equal excitement among Hollywood celebrities, high powered business executives, and top-medical researchers. Why all the buzz about growth hormone therapy? Because the many claims about HGH being able to restore youth and vitality, are proving to be true!

Ever since a landmark study in the 1990s, there have been many clinical research results that indicate how HGH growth hormone therapy is allowing men and women over 35 to live stronger, healthier, and more vital lives!

What is HGH ?

HGH or Growth Hormone plays a very critical role in your body. HGH literally stands for Human Growth Hormone. It is what stimulates the many processes that lets your body grow from a child to an adult.HGH THERAPY

But growth hormone does so much more than only allow you to grow in size. It plays a crucial role in your body’s on-going growth and development throughout your life.

As you might imagine, when you are growing up, your growth hormone levels are very high. Have you ever looked at kids playing and wonder how they have so much energy? A lot of that has to do with their very high levels of HGH.

HGH levels peak during adolescence. Once you have grown to your adult height, HGH levels start to diminish. But just because you have stopped “growing” that does not mean you no longer need growth hormone. Far from it!

HGH growth hormone is an essential hormone that regulates and stimulates metabolism and many other bodily processes throughout your entire life.

Growth hormone is kind of like the oil that keeps your body’s machine running at peak performance. Growth hormone stimulates and regulates the renewal and regeneration of every cell in your body.

HGH Growth hormone is necessary to:

  • Keep your bones strong
  • Build lean muscle
  • Maintain the delicate balance between fat metabolism and muscle growth

HGH also influences the production of other hormones essential to your energy level and mental and physical performance such as testosterone.

Despite the many critical roles growth hormone plays in your body, its level does decrease as you get older. Just about all the signs and symptoms we relate to “ageing,” are reflective of lower levels of growth hormone.

As your growth hormone production decreases, your ability to repair and renew cells also gets worse.

HGH deficiency can lead to:

  • hgh-deficiencySagging skin
  • Slower recovery from sickness or injuries
  • Slower metabolism resulting in weight gain
  • Loss of muscle and bone density
  • Sexual wellness issues
  • An overall feeling of weakness and fatigue

The purpose of HGH growth hormone therapy is to put back what time and nature have taken away. HGH optimization can slow, and in some cases even reverse, those many age-related conditions, and improve your overall well-being.

HGH Therapy Growth Hormone Injections

HGH therapy or growth hormone therapy is only available through a doctor’s prescription. HGH Growth Hormone Therapy is only provided in the form of self-injections. Any product that claims to contain HGH, or provide growth hormones without a prescription is not real HGH. Similarly any growth hormone therapy that says in can be administered in a pill or anything other than an injection, is not real growth hormone.

Your growth hormone HGH therapy will begin with a comprehensive series of blood tests to determine your HGH levels. Since HGH works in conjunction with other hormones, your levels of other hormones such as testosterone, will also be evaluated.

If you are determined to be a candidate for HGH therapy growth hormone injections, you will be started on a regimen, with dosing tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

hgh-growth-hormone-therapy-injectionsDo not be afraid of the idea of giving yourself injections from HGH therapy. They are simple to do, and practically pain free. Growth hormone HGH therapy injections are given using simple injection devices. A small pin-prick is all you may ever feel once you learn how to give yourself the growth hormone injection.

After you begin your HGH growth hormone therapy, you will be very carefully monitored by our growth hormone clinic doctors and your wellness coach.

In a short while after you start taking your growth hormone injections, you should:

  • feel like you have more energy
  • you will feel stronger
  • wake up feeling less tired
  • and you will start to burn fat and build lean muscle more easily

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