Diagnosis and Testing by Your HRT Clinic

The only way to determine if you have sub-optimal hormone levels, such as low testosterone or Low-T is with proper diagnosis and testing. The first step is a blood test.

If your hormone levels seem to be low, that does not mean that you are automatically a candidate for hormone replacement. There can be other causes for your symptoms.

To make sure that you qualify for HRT our Hormone Clinic doctors may need some additional tests to determine your overall hormone balance, and your individual optimal hormone levels.

Hormone Clinics.com will also want a complete medical history, to help rule out any other conditions that could account for your symptoms fatigue, etc. This will help our Hormone Clinic make a final determination if you qualify for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy.

When it comes to HRT, you need to realize that what is normal for you, may be different for someone else. That is why we use the latest diagnostics and the unique insights and expertise of our hormone replacement doctors, to find the right HRT therapies for your unique needs.