Why HGH Treatment Is Safer Than Ever

Why HGH Treatment Is Safer Than Ever

Human growth hormone is a well-known hormone that can stimulate a variety of health benefits in men and women, if used properly. These benefits include bone, lean muscle, and cartilage growth, as well as improvements to memory and cognition. HGH plays a crucial role in early development and maintenance of tissues and organ systems, making it a vital resource for the body. Men in their 40’s only produce about half the amount that was produced in their 20’s. Still, that small amount is critical for maintenance of the skeletal and muscular systems, showing how critical and potent HGH is for providing an overall feeling of wellness and vitality in men of all ages. Men often experience decreased memory, sexual performance, endurance, and cognitive ability as they age.

Closely monitored HGH therapy by our knowledgeable and dedicated hormone specialists can minimize the chance of side effects, and maximize the chance to feel young and vibrant again!

HGH Function

HGH is one of 12 hormones produced by the all-important pituitary gland. HGH is just one of the hormones that is secreted by hormonal glands in the body as a response to different stimuli and requirements from the body. They are used to maintain equilibrium and perform certain signaling functions in order to activate important cellular processes. Once the chemical messenger is secreted, it then flows into your bloodstream and binds to specific cell-surface receptors. HGH receptors are found in many dense clusters in the brain, demonstrating the key function HGH plays in cognition and memory. HGH also binds to fat cells, triggering a cascade of activity that results in the breakdown of the cell. It also plays a role in fat loss through its ability to aid in insulin production, an anabolic hormone that facilitates the uptake of sugar in the blood and inhibits the breakdown of proteins.

As we can see, HGH is very important. But, is it safe for supplementation?

HGH Therapy: The New Evidence

HGH Therapy: The New EvidenceHGH therapy has been FDA approved for years to treat conditions such as pituitary tumors and immune disorders related to HIV and AIDS. So, it is widely accepted in medicine that HGH is in fact safe to use as a treatment option. The key factor to understand is that HGH treatment is viable in men who do present a need. Just like treatments provided for pituitary tumors, a lack of production and naturally circulating hormones is the common denominator.

Men over 40 naturally experience a decrease in hormone levels, resulting in a similar environment in the body as someone who has a pituitary tumor and is therefore experiencing less total HGH function and benefits. So, the problem is not whether or not HGH can help increase muscle mass or lose fat, but whether or not your body has the correct amount at any given time. Placing too much of the hormone in our system will only result in negative side effects, so HGH supplementation is only effective in those who need it. It is unwise to participate in over-the-counter HGH supplements or those that were not made specifically for you, as these are the products that cause problems and side effects in users.

It’s critical to have HGH and all hormone programs closely monitored by an age management medical professional, like the experts at HealthGAINS. Knowing that each person may have their own unique HGH or hormonal treatment requirements, HealthGAINS designs programs to fit each patient’s individual need. This is why we examine each client and attempt to identify a need and honestly recommend treatment or not. For a free consultation, call 800-682-8176 to be connected with a Wellness Advisor.