Why HGH May Be Safer Than You Think

Why HGH May Be Safer Than You Think

HGH is an important hormone that helps to keep body fat down and lean muscle mass up. In addition, it helps you feel positive and think clearly. Despite these proven facts, HGH therapy has had some issues with its reputation due to the ties with doping in many professional sports. Despite these claims, hormone therapy with HGH is completely safe, as long as treatment is done under a professional. Your body’s hormone metabolism is very sensitive and far reaching, and even slight changes can mean big results. If you are considering HGH treatment, always ensure that you are receiving a personally tailored plan prior to engaging in any generic supplements or injections.

Human growth hormone is a much talked about hormone that has had some associated stigma attached to it in recent years, despite promising research and extensive clinical trials. Contrary to popular belief, the use of HGH has recently been shown in multiple studies to be safe for use in helping men and women fight various effects of aging and decreased hormone production. HGH therapies, as safely, legally and correctly provided by experts such as those at HealthGAINS, provide benefits such as bone and cartilage growth, as well as improvements to memory and cognition.

HGH plays a crucial role in development and maintenance, and men in their 40’s only produce about half the amount that was produced in their 20’s. Still, that small amount is critical for maintenance of the skeletal and muscular systems, showing how critical and potent HGH is for providing an overall feeling of wellness and vitality. With decreased levels of HGH along with other critical hormones, men experience less feelings of vitality and energy as well as a decreased ability to grow muscle and stay strong. The key to great HGH therapy lies in the team providing the treatment, and HealthGAINS understands the need for personalized treatment rather than mass-produced products that have varying results for patients.

How Does HGH Work?

How Does HGH WorkEvery night when you sleep, a kidney-bean sized gland at the base of your brain called the pituitary gland secretes HGH and a few other important hormones. HGH is a polypeptide consisting of 191 amino acids that acts as a chemical messenger throughout the body, triggering the growth and destruction of bone, fat, and muscle cells, among other activities.

HGH then flows into your bloodstream and binds to specific cell-surface receptors found throughout your body. These receptors are found in many dense clusters in the brain, and from here are diverted to the areas they are needed through various receptors and triggers throughout the body. HGH binds to fat cells, triggering a cascade of activity that results in the breakdown of the fat cell to be used for other processes that require fat as a catalyst. It also plays a role in fat loss through its ability to aid in insulin production, an anabolic hormone that facilitates the uptake of sugar in the blood and inhibits the breakdown of proteins.

So, Why is HGH Actually Safer Than You Think?

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone and part of the hormone therapy offerings at the HealthGAINS clinic in Aventura, FL. The main problem with past hormone treatments is that they A.) did not use hormones that each individual’s body would accept and B.) did not closely monitor each patient closely and individually. Previous approaches used mass-produced HGH drugs that were rife with side effects and dosing errors. Recent research has proven that both older men and children who display a need for HGH experience a decrease in lean muscle mass and a decrease in adipose (fat) tissue presence. These patients were treated with levels of HGH that corresponded to their body’s need, the critical step that HealthGAINS ensures is never overlooked.

By ensuring you are receiving the correct dosage determined for your individual needs by our team, you can rest assured that none of your body’s natural processes will be altered but simply enhanced. We treat our customers as individuals, a simple technique that makes HGH treatment much safer and much more efficacious. Contact us today to get started.