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Low Testosterone and Low Libido

Men can and do suffer from low libido, or a decreased sex drive Common wisdom dictates that men are

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Human growth hormone, or HGH is not a steroid, although many people think that it is. HGH is often

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A man’s hormone levels influence his sexual performance. Low hormone levels, or an imbalance of

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Among the many symptoms of low testosterone, we now know “Low-T” can lead to chronic fatigue in

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Growth hormone is vital to cell growth, metabolism, and all cellular activity, and is produced by

Can Hormone Therapy Improve Cognitive Function? (Research)

What is the relationship between declining hormones and cognitive abilities? We all know that

Does HGH Increase Energy Levels?

How Does HGH Increase Energy Levels? One of the first changes that people who are on growth hormone

How Do I Know If I Have Low Testosterone?

Once you are over 20, your testosterone starts a steady decline. Testosterone is a critical

What is the Cause of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone is a very real, and very debilitating condition for men as they age. I am sure you

What Is the Effect of Growth Hormone on Metabolism?

Your growth hormone, or HGH, level has a strong influence on metabolism. Have you ever been on a

The Latest Research on Hormone Replacement Therapy in 2017

We know that hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT has many positive benefits for both men

How Is Growth Hormone Deficiency Diagnosed?

It is normal for your growth hormone levels to decline as you age. This drop makes us all feel