Hormone Therapy

Hormones are critical to your body’s many biological processes. Hormones are the chemical messengers produced and released as needed by your glands. Hormones flow through your bloodstream to carry out their many important jobs.

Hormones are responsible for:

  • hormone therapySexual development and sexual wellness
  • Growth, renewal and rejuvenation of cells
  • Creating energy from the foods you eat through digestion and metabolism
  • Cognition, focus and emotional wellbeing
  • Regulating sleep
  • Regulating body temperature

Hormones interact together in a delicate balance to keep you healthy and strong. As you grow older your levels of many critical hormones change.

The older you get the harder it becomes to keep your hormones working in harmony and your body functioning at its best. Hormone Therapy helps get you back in balance and keep you there!

Both men and women can benefit from hormone therapy.

Hormone Therapy for Men

When you think of hormone therapy you most likely think of women and menopause. But, as men age, they go through a similar condition of declining hormones known as “andropause.” Andropause is also known as Low-T. Men with Low-T suffer from different, but no less debilitating symptoms of reduced hormone production as do women facing menopause.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men can include:

  • weaknesslow-testosterone-men-hormone-therapy
  • loss of vitality
  • hair loss
  • weight gain
  • decreased muscle tone
  • anxiety/depression
  • sexual dysfunction

Hormone Therapy for men can help with these symptoms and put you back on your path to peak performance at any age.

The principal male hormone is testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for the features we generally think of as being male.

Symptoms of Low-T which may require hormone therapy include:

  • loss of libido or a lack of sexual desire
  • lack of energy or general weakness
  • irritability and other mood swings
  • erectile dysfunction
  • increased belly fat
  • reduction of muscle mass
  • bone loss
  • poor sleep
  • cognitive challenges

Another important male hormone related to peak performance and youth is DHEA. DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands, and it is essential in stimulating the production of testosterone. As you age, DHEA production also drops, and this contributes to a lower testosterone level, as well as other symptoms of andropause. Hormone therapy for men can turn that all around and replace what time and nature have taken away!

Hormone Therapy for Women

For many years, Hormone Therapy was the standard of care for women experiencing the most common symptoms of menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, etc. Then, for a time, hormone therapy for women grew out of favor, due to perceived increase risks of cancer or heart disease.

Today, our doctors have learned much more about hormone therapy for women. We now know how to safely provide hormone therapy for maximum effectiveness, with minimal risks. Hormone therapy remains the most effective treatment we have for treating the symptoms of menopause and Female Sexual Dysfunction.

The problems discovered with the earlier uses of hormone therapy have just forced its use into a more exact and precise science.

Recent clinical studies of our newer hormonal treatments such as systemic hormone therapy, or low-dose vaginal preparations of estrogen, have shown renewed evidence that hormone therapy is still the right choice for most women.

Today, individualized hormone therapy is delivered orally, by a skin patch, or topical gels, creams or sprays. Hormone therapy prescribed in the right doses, continues to be the most effective treatment available for reducing night sweats and hot flashes, and improve vaginal dryness, lack of stimulation and painful intercourse –even in non-menopausal women.

Hormone Therapy for Women can:hormone therapy women

  • Relieve menopausal symptoms
  • Increase female life expectancy
  • Reduce the risk of coronary artery disease
  • Boost brain function
  • Help prevent osteoporosis
  • Improve skin and muscle quality
  • Improve female libido
  • Calm and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce the risk of some cancers
  • Boost thyroid action
  • Increase the metabolism of fats
  • Reduce bones loss and help prevent osteoporosis

Hormone Therapy and Holistic Wellness

All of our hormone therapy programs include access to our holistic health and wellness coaches. Our holistic health and wellness coaches will help you to get the most out of your hormone therapy. They will work with you to design a series of fitness, diet, and exercise programs that will maximize the results of your hormone therapy.

They, along with your hormone therapy doctors will monitor your progress every step of the way to ensure the successful outcome of your hormone therapy program.


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