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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Georgia

hormone clinics GeorgiaWhat is hormone replacement therapy? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, is the procedure of analyzing the hormone levels in the patient’s body and then addressing any deficiencies through the introduction of new hormones.

Bioidentical hormones are found in nature (soy, yams, horses, pigs) and are exact chemical matches to the hormones that are endogenous to our bodies. This form of HRT can be customized to suite the patient’s specific hormone deficiency and dosage needs. In this way, BHRT can be safer than traditional hormone therapies.

Who needs hormone replacement therapy?

Those that are experiencing signs of early aging may be feeling the symptoms of hormone deficiency. Hormone deficiencies can result from natural aging, an illness or lifestyle choices. When the body has an imbalance or shortage of hormones, it will not function properly. Our hormones are responsible for triggering a large number of our body’s processes. Contact your local Georgia hormone specialist if you recognize any of these side-effects of a hormone deficiency:
hgh deficiency

  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Inability to properly produce bone and muscle mass
  • Lack of energy
  • Inability to focus
  • Increased irritability
  • Foggy memory
  • Compromised libido and sexual performance

Hormone Therapy for Men

For men, testosterone plays a larger role in our body’s daily function. This is why it is extremely important to maintain even levels of testosterone in the body, or we risk serious issues. Hormone replacement therapy for men can yield surprising results for men of all ages:

  • Remedies erectile dysfunction
  • Improves cholesterol levels
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Promotes the growth of body hair
  • Increases sex drive

Hormone replacement therapy benefits for women

Women experiencing the debilitating effects of menopause or other hormone deficiencies, can utilize HRT to help alleviate the symptoms of drastic hormone loss. When our bodies get used to their normal level of hormones and that level of hormones changes so suddenly, it will impact our bodies in nearly every way. Look to BHRT or HRT for these solutions to hormone deficiencies:

  • Hot flashes relief
  • Limited symptoms of PMS
  • Relief of vaginal dryness
  • Reduction of swelling in breasts
  • Remediation of yeast infections
  • Reduces risk of premature infertility
  • More comfortable intercourse

General benefits of hormone replacement therapy in Georgia

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Hormone therapy in Georgia is rapidly growing in popularity as word of mouth spreads the effectiveness of this anti-aging process. Patients over the age of 35 should carefully monitor their body for signs of aging. As our bodies age, they slow down their production of the necessary hormones that act as the messengers in our body to trigger important processes. Without these signals, our bodies will fail to provide us with the energy to get through our normal daily routines and process our regular diets.

Patients with low hormone productivity will suffer the side-effects of hormone deficiencies listed above. Thus, effective hormone therapy can alleviate the conditions caused by insufficient hormone production.

Types of Hormone Replacement Therapies Available in Georgia

In order to experience the full effects of hormone therapy, the proper hormones and doses must be identified and prescribed. Our hormone therapy clinics in Georgia, offer a number of safe and effective hormone replacement therapy options:

  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy – One of the most popular forms of HRT, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is gaining traction as a safer, more natural solution to hormone replacement than synthetic hormone replacement therapy. By using hormones found in nature (yams, soy, horses and pigs) bioidentical hormones are able to match the chemical identity of the hormones found in our bodies, thus nearly entirely eliminating the risk of side-effects.
  • Testosterone Therapy – Our bodies require testosterone to properly process fat, build muscle and stay sexually active. Testosterone therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of low-T for both men and women.
  • HGH Therapy – The Human Growth Hormone is responsible for the growth of all of our bodies’ tissues. A deficiency in this hormone is usually as a result of a compromised pituitary gland and can cause serious side-effects if not corrected.
  • Thyroid Hormone Therapy – A thyroid deficiency will manifest as excessive weight gain and puffiness. Patients with an underactive thyroid gland, suffer from a condition known as hypothyroidism. This condition can be treated with sufficient hormone replacement treatments.
  • Bioidentical Pellets – Expanding upon the safety and effectiveness of traditional BHRT, bioidentical hormone pellets are able to release hormones into the body at a more natural rate than other HRTs. This simple insert that goes just underneath the skin, is redefining the way doctors treat hormone deficiencies in Georgia.
  • Sermorelin – A form of growth hormone releasing peptides, or GHRP, Sermorelin is injected into the body to help stimulate the body to produce HGH via its natural processes. Sermorelin is a cost effective solution to HGH deficiencies.
  • Ipamorelin – The newest and cleanest solution to HGH deficiencies, Ipamorelin therapy is another GHRP that doctors are confidently prescribing to thousands of patients throughout Georgia.

Testimonials for Georgia Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics – Reviews

“Once enough people in the office commented on my change in shape and lack of focus, I knew I had to see a specialist to get it figured out. I’ve been on a HRT program for about 2 months now and the difference is night and day. I’m killing all of my quotas and staring down a promotion at the end of the year.”
–Ralph, 36

“My husband and I have been married for 22 years and sex is a big part of our relationship. Once I began to experience the change, sex was no longer a way for us to connect emotionally, because it was so uncomfortable for me. Bioidentical hormone therapy has my husband and I feeling like newlyweds again!”
–Regina, 44

“I’ve always connected with children from a young age. When my OBGYN told me that I would never have children, it was devastating. Through hormone therapy, hormone specialists were able to give my body the necessary hormones to support proper uterine health. I’m now a proud mother of 3 and I have HRT to thank for that.”
–Madison, 31

Are there any side-effects of hormone therapy?

Testosterone Therapy and HGH TherapyDue to the vital role that hormones play in our bodies, any fluctuations in our bodies’ hormone levels has the potential for risk. These risks are even more present for patients that do not receive the proper tests and correlating dosages based on the results of those tests. For those that do receive the proper dosage of hormones and have received the proper tests for hormone imbalances, the side effects are non existent. Many of the side effects of HRT are ancient history, being associated only to treatments that have since been replaced over hormone therapy’s 60+ year existence.

This is different from scientists that have associated HRT with cancer in that the link between cancer and HRT is only with patients that already have cancer. HRT can worsen the symptoms of cancer, but it does not increase the risk of getting cancer. Hormone clinics such as our Georgia Hormone Therapy Clinics will perform complete cancer screenings to completely eliminate this risk. This is how we have treated some patients for over 15 years without any side effects whatsoever.

Choosing the right hormone therapy doctor

The risks associated with HRT can be avoided by going with a reputable hormone specialists in Georgia. Georgia is home to some of the most revered hormone specialists in the country, and most of them work at our hormone replacement clinics.

Hormone therapy consultation in Georgia

hormone therapy menIf you feel as though you are experiencing the signs of deficient hormone production, don’t wait for your deficiency to manifest in the number of different ways that it can negatively impact your body. Instead, consult with a hormone specialist that give you the proper hormone level test to identify and treat your condition. Take advantage of your resources and ask our Georgia hormone therapy specialists any questions you may have regarding your treatment.

Georgia hormone replacement therapy FAQs

How can I know for sure if I have a hormone deficiency?

It’s always wise to watch for any irregularities in your behaviors or bodily functions. That being said, the only way to know for sure whether or not you have a hormone deficiency, is to have your blood or saliva tested by a hormone doctor.

Is there a difference between bioidentical hormone therapy and synthetic hormone therapy?

Yes. The differences are in the hormones themselves. Synthetic hormones are generated in a lab and are issued in standard doses that are regulated by the FDA. BHRT, while also manipulated in a lab, are pulled from hormones found in nature (pigs, yams, soy, horses) and are designed specifically for each patient’s needs.

What is the cost of hormone therapy?

Costs of hormone replacement therapy can vary depending upon the type(s) of treatment(s) your body requires to achieve hormonal balance. Testosterone therapy can range between $150 to $500, while HGH therapy can range between $300-$1,500.

How long does it take to see the results of hormone therapy?

The results of your hormone therapy will ultimately depend on the treatment plan, however, most HT treatments will yield results within a few weeks of the initial treatment.

Call our hormone therapy clinics to experience relief from your hormone deficiency symptoms

Call our Georgia Hormone Therapy Clinics at (800) 682-8176 to see if HGH, Testosterone, Bioidentical Hormone Pellets or any other form of HT are right for your health and wellness needs.

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